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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Having fun with 'Big Elmo Fun'

This poster was created in celebration of the Sesame Street DVD, by the same name, Big Elmo Fun. 

I've been creating some fun parody posters for Sesame Street that have proven to be a huge success. So, for this DVD feature I wanted to play up the the first segment where Elmo is accidentally turned big and towers over Sesame Street!

I turned to classic movie posters, such as 'King Kong', for inspiration. I wanted the poster to have an old fashioned horror movie feel but still keep the personality of Elmo cheery and Focusing on our great Sesame Street photography (Photography by John E. Barrett, Mark Magner, and art directed by Louis Henry Mitchell)

I created my own textures, filters, and typography to get the look and feel I wanted to achieve. 

In less than 9 hours posted on Facebook,  the poster has proven to be one of the most popular parodies yet with over 3100 likes, 186 shares, and counting!