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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A sunny Day in the Life!

My most recent poster celebrates the release of our "Singing With The Stars" DVD. After brainstorming several ideas, I presented the idea of spoofing the iconic cover of The Beatles "St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band". Art Director Mark Magner realized it was a perfect opportunity to create something very special for our fans. Sesame Street has a vast library of characters and fans love to see their old favorites, as well as a few hidden treats.

When Mark saw the statue in the foreground he immediately started searching for the bust of Joe Raposo, the composer who wrote many famous Sesame Street songs including the world-famous theme song. In some older skits with Don Music the bust od Beethoven was swapped out for a bust of Joe Raposo. Mark knew that would be a hit with the fans who recognized the inside joke. When I saw the wax figures of the original Fab Four, I immediately wanted to include some classic Sesame Street Muppets. Of course I had to include a rare, brown Oscar the Grouch, A thinly-feathered Big Bird, and unforgettable Herry Monster.

A few of Sesame Street characters were placed in positions where they had a friendly tie to the person/object on the original Beatles cover, such as Grover as the Mad Hatter in the position of Lewis Caroll, but most were placed strategically so we could include as much as the Sesame Street family as possible.

The spoof was posted today, May 3rd 2012, on social networks, Muppet Wiki and the Sesame Steet blog. So far the numerous responses are wonderfully heartwarming.